Entrepreneur, self-taught and passionate about human relationships.


Diego Monserrat Nogués

With 20 years in the field of marketing and advertising I can say that photography and astronomy have always been a passion. Having been born into a family immersed in the world of theater and advertising, it could not have been otherwise. They are passions that I have inherited from my maternal grandfather.

My mother and uncles pose proud next to my grandfather's advertising truck.

However, I begin my adventures in the technical area of the stages in great shows back through adolescence. My artistic facet begins with 3D animation when we were still using MS-DOS, which has led me to participate in special effects for television advertising.

From then on, the assembly and post-production of video were the tools for the technical production of programs, TV branding packages and advertising. Over time, to meet the demand of my clients, I develop graphic pieces in small and large format and I transform that knowledge acquired in Internet marketing and business, developing websites and carrying out commercial strategies in social networks.

The pleasure of all this has been and always will be to help others. The exchange of knowledge and experience with each of the people I work with has not done anything to enrich ourselves in every aspect. And, more than customers, they become partners in a project ... and even friends.

Therein lies the success of each project, in having a common goal, in the co-work ... because each one fulfills its role and, from its place, contributes its grain of sand. I do not take care of a foreign problem but I participate in the resolution of those problems. I know my business and you know yours. This is why, working together we can find a solution that fits the specific needs you have at this time. Helping you and accompanying you in that task is my mission and what comforts me most.